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Dashi and I woke up to some snowy weather this morning. Better yet, why is it snowing at this time of the year?! That's something I'm gonna have to take note when we return home and share our findings.
I got out of bed and went through my usual routine - take a shower, get dressed up, and brushing and flossing my teeth. (Except you can't really see our teeth. It's just cartoon logic. You could see Tweak's tongue, though, when she sticks it out.)
When Dashi was done getting herself ready for today, I pointed out the strange weather to her. "You gotta be kidding me, Shelly," she said. "Unless if we're on the other side of the Equator, it's not scientifically possible. At least in Australia, that is."
"It's crazy," I replied. "God knows what Mother Nature's brewing up today."
After everyone else got themselves dressed up, we met up at the hallway our rooms were in. Except for one person...
"Where's Twilight?" asked Dashi.
I walked over to Twilight's room and opened the door. Of course, Twilight was still in her room. But she was staring out the window for some reason. I wasn't sure what was going on with her - whether she fell back into depression again or if there was something else bothering her.
"Twilight, we're going," I called her. "...Twilight?"
She was still looking out the window, the snowy weather slowly blanketing the area surrounding the hotel.
"Shellington," she said, "you might call me crazy about this, but there's something about this snow that fascinates me. More than it fascinates me about my studies."
"What is it?"
"It's fresh. It's static. And it reminds me of somepony..."
She sang:

You fit perfectly to me in the loneliness; melt this curse away...
Though I'll never know your name, I'll cry for you the same...

"Who?" I asked.
"Somepony - or in your case, somebody - out there. I just don't know who that pony or person is. That's what fascinates me," Twilight replied.
I got myself a chair and wanted to sit down and look at the view outside. "Is it okay if I-"
"Go ahead," she assured me. "If you're that curious, then be my guest."
We sat there for a couple of minutes. We didn't notice the rest of my gang had come into her room to patiently wait for us.
In my head... A midtempo four-on-the-floor, disco-type beat came first, with a distorted bass synth and some more vocal splicing following it. It all gave way to pleasant-sounding pads and a lead keyboard, and the same words Twilight sang appeared in the song and throughout it. The crisp, bass synth reappeared a couple times throughout the song, taking on different rhythms as it went along. The vocals spliced themselves again, and the drums added some percussion into the mix, livening up the track.
Twilight then sang again, the instrumental reducing itself to a piano:

Don't move so lightly, static snow, that is your memory...
Although I know we'll never meet, you're in every part of me...

You fit perfectly to me in the loneliness; melt this curse away...
Though I'll never know your name, I'll cry for you the same...

All of us sat there in silence after the song ended. By then, we were all looking out the window, marveling at what Twilight called it "fresh static snow."
In her eyes, it was a beautiful sight to behold.
In my eyes, I was still wondering why the heck it was snowing during the summertime here in New York.
"You don't really see any scientific sense in this, do you?" Twilight asked.
"It's marvelous," I told her, "but I'm still wondering why it's snowing at this time of the year."
"Me too. Sometimes you don't need scientific logic to be happy with yourself."
"What do you mean?"
"Can I tell you a story?"
"...Okay, sure."

Twilight's Flashback

One day, after my friends, Spike and I got back from the Equestria Games over in the Crystal Empire, I was in some kind of a reflective state. I thought about the lessons my friends and I learned, the adventures we all experienced together, and the bits of moments we had encountered during my time here in Ponyville.
In the Golden Oak Library - which, sadly, was destroyed by Lord Tirek - there were some pictures I had hung up in my bedroom of me and my friends - and Spike, too. Under those pictures, was a letter that I framed myself - dating back to a couple of days after I moved into Ponyville and the library and acclimated myself within my surroundings. It wasn't to anypony in particular; rather, it was to myself.
Now, back in Magic Kindergarten, my classmates and I had put together letters to ourselves that our teacher had put into a time capsule. At the end of the school year, she would open up the capsule, hand back our letters, and we had to write back to ourselves.
Here, this letter I wrote to myself was about how I was getting used to my new surroundings and my new friends and learning more about them and the world I was living in. It also asked me what challenges and tests I was going to face along the way as well.
Having thought about the memories I made with myself, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, and what I went through as an equine being, I decided to write myself back.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
I know moving into this town, or generally a new place, can be quite crazy and chaotic. I've been there before, don't worry. Try to embrace it the best way you can.
And your friends - well, they can be quite crazy, too. But you have to appreciate your surroundings and your friends' personalities and responsibilities and other stuff, too. I didn't get Pinkie Pie the first time because I couldn't comprehend her Pinkie Sense. Even though, you have to believe in and trust what your friends are trying to explain, even if it can't be explained itself!
You just gotta trust them - even if they might not make sense at times.
You're also going to face some challenges as well, like you asked me. Your relationships with your friends will be tested by your actions or their's, your new job or role you're looking to take on in the future, or maybe some tiny thing that might become a big problem if you don't act on it now. You'll have to take on the role of being the leader and make some critical decisions for the betterment of the situation and your friends, even if it's not what they want. They'll understand later why.
But understand this - your friends will always stick with you to the very end. Even through tough times, they're always going to be there for you. They'll be there for comfort, compassion, or just helping you out here and there. Most importantly - you have to trust yourself to trust them. (Same goes for respecting yourself and others.) It's the things that we may overlook or take for granted that can make a big difference.
Just take it one day at a time, and you'll be able to make new friendships and strengthen other ones.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

"Huh," I exclaimed. "I didn't know that."
"You do now," Twilight replied. She smiled back.
"Is there, like, anybody you know of, besides yourself, you think of everyday?"
"Well, there's my friends. That I already told you about. But there's also family, too."
"So who's in your family?"
"There's my mom and my dad. They've supported me since I began studying science - well, seriously. Even after I became the Princess of Friendship, they still support me. It's unconditional love, you know?"
I nodded.
"There's also my BBBFF - Big Brother Best Friend Forever - Shining Armor. He's the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard and rules the Crystal Empire with his wife, Princess Cadence. Speaking of her, she's my sister-in-law, and she used to babysit me when I was a little filly. Those were good times back then."
"Just gotta look forward, that's all."
"Yeah..." Twilight then asked me, "Who do you think of everyday?"
"Hmm..." I thought about it for a moment. "There is somebody special I think of everyday. It's my girlfriend. She's an Octonaut, she's a photographer, but she's also a loving, caring, and supportive gal to be with."
"And who would that be?"
"Dashi. Dashi Dog."
Behind Twilight and I, my girlfriend had a smile on her face when she heard those words. "Aww... Shelly," Dashi subtly gushed.
"She's the one who holds me together through the good and bad," I continued. "I'm just lucky to have her here right now."
Dashi continued smiling. "I didn't know she was your girlfriend," Twilight said.
"We've been together since the driving lessons I had to go through. I couldn't drive a Gup to save my life at first!"
Both of us laughed. "Hey, at least your driving skills have improved," Dashi added. "Should've drove us from the Octopod all the way to Florida!"
"I just wanted to save you guys from the trouble I might've put on you. That's why I wanted you to drive the Gup all the way here."
"You just have to trust yourself, Shelly. Just like what Twilight said in her letter."
I nodded. Then I continued on with my list. "Besides Dashi, there's my crew-mates. We all look to each other, we love each other as friends, and we respect one another. Most of the time."
"Are you talking about me?" Kwazii suspiciously asked. I gave him a hand signal that either said "maybe" or just "eh".
"There's also the Vegimals, too. I happened to discover them myself - including Tunip. They've been an essential part of the day-to-day operations in the Octopod. And they're really fun creatures to be with, too!"
Twilight looked over at Tunip. "You discovered the Vegimals?" she asked.
"Yep," I replied back.
"And then there's my family. My sister, Pearl, she's also a scientist and she's married. she has a son named Periwinkle; he's my nephew as well. Sometimes we call him Perry for short."
"He must be really cute. I wanna meet him and your sister soon."
"Maybe, yeah... And then there's my mum and dad. My dad... he and I had a bit of a rough relationship growing up. I used to have good grades in school. But then I got myself in trouble during middle school and I got suspended three times."
"What happened?"
"I don't wanna tell you what I did."
Dashi walked over to my left. "Shelly..." she called. "Hey. I... I don't know what happened during school that got you in trouble or anything... You could just always tell me what's bothering you or something, you know? I'm your girlfriend. I just... don't wanna see something bad happen to you."
"I won't judge you. I'll make you a better person, okay?"
I sighed. And I told everyone what I did wrong. "Well... during the 6th grade, I sexually harassed a girl. I was bothering her. Thought she was bothering me. Told her I was gonna rape her. Just didn't say anything right that day. And during that year, I was part of my school's small music ensemble as a percussionist, so I wasn't able to perform my first school concert with them.
"7th grade, I punched somebody in the shoulder. My classmates were singing some hip-hop song that was bothering me. And then in 8th grade, I stalked another girl. I just thought it was fun at first. So... there. Whatever I did that got me suspended and put me in a hole.
"My parents were really ashamed of me and my actions during those times. I was ashamed of myself as well. I wasn't acting like myself. I wasn't behaving like myself. And I've had this rather broken relationship with my dad ever since."
The room once again fell into silence. Dashi solemnly looked at me. So did the rest of my friends. Even Twilight. Then she put her paw on my right shoulder and let out a light smile. "You're okay now," she assured me. "We still love you."
Kwazii and Tweak walked over. "Shellington..." he sighed, "I'm sorry for what you went through, matey."
"I'm sorry for what I put myself into at that time."
"You know - my dad always told me something, whenever something went wrong, whether it was my fault or not - 'just press forward'. Just gotta move on, matey. What's done is done, right or wrong."
He patted me on my shoulders to reassure myself.
Tweak was the next one to speak. "Just like what Kwaz said. Just press forward. You know, he might be crazy, but he's also a gentle and kind guy, too. He's always helped me get myself off the ground if I doubted myself or if I did something terribly wrong. Kinda like between you and Dashi. So if you ever need him - you know where to go, okay, bud?"
"Yeah. Thanks," I replied.
Tunip ran over and sat on my lap. He asked me if I really did those... stupid things. "I did," I told him. "But I'd never do that to you. Or to anybody."
A smile then formed on my mouth, comforting my spirit that I once poisoned myself.
"We're all gonna stick by you no matter what," Dashi told me. "We're gonna help you anyway we can, okay?"
"Okay," I replied.
"Just say the word."
I slightly grinned back at her. Then we all looked out the window, still with a view of the unusually snowy weather.

All of us had been sitting around and standing there for a couple of minutes. Kwazii was getting restless. And from what I could tell from Twilight's expression, she was in kind of a dry spell - in other words, the princess was thinking about how in the world she failed to defeat Glimmer.
I knew that she was gonna have to take her mind off of it at some point.
"Twilight?" I called.
"Yeah?" she responded.
"There's another reason my friends and I are here. We wanted to know what was going on in here, but we're also on a bit of a break ourselves. We're still working, though, you know, with this world's strange behavior and all."
"So basically, a working vacation?"
"Yeah. At least you got the gist of it. Took Dashi and Professor Inkling a little bit of time to get what I was saying."
Dashi interjected. "To be fair, you were being wordy before we got here."
"I guess..." I gave her an expression that said "stop messing with me, Dashi, you're killing me right now." Not literally killing me, but... you get it, right?
"Who's Professor Inkling?" Twilight asked.
"He's an octopus. He founded the Octonauts and helps us out when needed. He's pretty much the big brains of the crew, you could say."
"I'd love to meet him. Maybe... maybe he could teach me something about the ocean and the sea creatures you've discovered so far."
I smiled back. Twilight, however, still had a depressed look on her face.
"You okay? You seem to be thinking too much about this unicorn."
She silently shook her head.
"I think you need to take your mind off of her for a little while, don't you think?"
Twilight nodded.
"How about we go somewhere... more pleasant?"
"Well, yeah... but what about Starlight?"
"Don't worry about her right now. We'll look for her later."
I turned to Tweak. "Tweak, our car only has room for four, correct?"
"Yeah, Shellington," the engineer answered. "Uh... Why?"
"We're taking Twilight with us, but there's not enough seats in there. I think we need to look for another car. Specifically, a minivan."
"There's one a couple feet away from where we are. Think it can seat seven people."
"Hmm..." I walked over to the car for a closer look. It was a blue 2007 Honda Odyssey, with seating for seven... just like what Tweak said. More than enough we needed.
I didn't want to leave our Cooper, however. But... well... I don't know, excuse my logic. I'll figure it out eventually.
"Tweak, can you drive the Cooper for us? Dashi and I are gonna take the Odyssey."
"Sure thing, Shel," Tweak said. "Why, though?"
"I'll explain later."
I gave out my orders to the rest of my team. "Kwazii, you go with Tweak. The two of you are gonna follow us in the Odyssey, okay?"
"If you say so, matey," Kwazii responded.
"Dashi, do you have the keys to the minivan?"
"Uh, yeah," Dashi said. "It was under the car."
"What about the Cooper?"
"Have that, too. Tweak's driving it?"
Dashi ran over to Tweak and handed over the keys to the Cooper.
"Okay... Twilight, you're coming along with us. You too, Tunip."
Tunip responded with an affirmed noise. Twilight simply responded with an "okay" signal.
All of us got into our respective cars, the Cooper and the Odyssey, and we drove away from Pine Street, myself not sure where we would be going.

Miles out on the road, Twilight said, "There's a place in this world that can maybe help you get away from your troubles - my troubles included, too."
"What is it?" I asked her.
"Times Square. It's in New York."
"Jumping jellyfish! That's far from here!"
"Well... It is far from here, you know that for sure."
I shook my head in lighthearted disbelief. "Twily..."
"I'm just saying!"
After that exchange, I unlocked my phone and opened up my map again. In the search bar, I typed in "West Pine Street to Times Square", and then it showed me the fastest route from point A to point B. It would take 15 hours and 39 minutes to get there - and some tolls we'd have to pass through too. (Twilight told us that the tolls aren't operational for the most part because of that whole disruption thing, so we can pass by them easily.)
I then called Kwazii.

Kwazii: Hello?
Me: Kwazii, put your phone on speaker.
Kwazii: Okay.
(A few seconds later...)
Kwazii: It's on speaker, matey.
Me: Is Tweak driving?
Kwazii: Yeah, matey. Do you know where you're heading?
Me: Times Square, New York. 15 hour, 39 minute drive.
Kwazii: Shiver me whiskers, that's WAY too far!
Me: I know. And that's, like, the fastest time to get there. We're on a toll road, but Twilight said the tolls aren't working. So we're gonna have to pass by them anyway.
Kwazii: Alright, matey. Whose idea was it anyway?
Me: Twilight's. 
Kwazii: Uh... okay, why?
Me: She needs to let it go.
Kwazii: Oh, so like Elsa from Frozen?
Me: ...Yes. Um... have you been watching Disney movies lately?
Kwazii: Ha-ha, yes, matey! It's a pirate's life for me, yes! Ha-ha-ha!
(Tweak: Shut up, Kwaz...)
Me: ...Oookay... Tweak, are you there?
Tweak: Yep!
Me: You already know where we're going, right?
Tweak: I heard you loud and clear. Times Square, correct?
Me: Yes.
Tweak: 15 hour drive?
Me: Yeah.
Tweak: ...Dang.
Me: It's long but it's gonna be worth it - if we don't run out of gas, that is.
Tweak: Yeah...
(KwaziiI don't care what they're going to say! Let the storm rage on...)
Tweak: Kwazii...
(KwaziiThe cold never bothered me-)
Tweak: KWAZII! Shut up. Please.
(Twilight giggles in the background, somewhat amused by Kwazii's singing. Dashi just laughed.)
Tweak: I'm sorry, Shel...
Me: It's fine. There's some exits a couple miles away and we can refill our cars up when we get there. Cooper's good on gas?
Tweak: It's been full since we drove off, so yes.
Me: Odyssey's dashboard says we need to refill. We're gonna take the nearest exit to fill up and be on our way again. Is that alright with you?
Tweak: It's fine. Just gonna follow you just in case.
Me: Alright.

After a pit stop and a couple more to refill our Odyssey with gas (as well as some driver changes), we headed to Times Square, passing by some hundred cities along the way and a few airports, and then through the Lincoln Tunnel.
It was nighttime when we got here. Times Square was a welcome change of scenery - lots of people walking across the streets, bright lights, and a bustling but fun atmosphere that lived up to New York City's motto - compared to the desolate landscape of Downtown Orlando as it stood when we left.
"Welcome to New York," Dashi quietly announced as we parked our cars nearby Duffy Square at West 46th Street.
Dashi, Twilight, Tunip and I got out of our Odyssey; Kwazii and Tweak out of the Cooper we obtained early on at the start of our adventure.
We all stood in awe of what Times Square had to offer. "This... is amazing!" Tweak said. "Holy cow..."
"Well, I'll be a sea monkey's uncle," Kwazii exclaimed, "this is AWESOME!"
"It's great, isn't it?" Twilight quietly declared.
"Yeah. The city that never sleeps," I replied with a light chuckle.
She was observing how the lights... well, flickered when I told her that.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" I persuaded Twilight. "Let's go!"
We all went our separate, fun ways, exploring what Times Square had to offer. Dashi went into a Sephora store to check out some makeup and skin care products; Tweak and Kwazii had gone into M&M's World to look at and buy the famous chocolate candies that only melted in your mouth; and Twilight, Tunip and I walked to Broadway and bought tickets to see one my favorite musicals - The Phantom of the Opera - all while an electronic funk guitar and some synths were playing in the surrounding area, and a hip-hop beat and some vocal splicing joined the fun.
The vocals were in Japanese (which seemed unusual, given our current location) but I tried my best to decipher and translate them:

(Watashi wa choudo nani ga juuyou ka mitsukeyou toshite iru)
which roughly translates to:
I'm just trying to find what's really important to me

(Jibuntachi no seikatsu no torakku wo ushinau houhou desu)
It is a way to lose track of our lives

It was around 10 pm when we met again at Duffy Square, our cars still parked on the side of the road. I could tell that Twilight was back to her old self again, no longer with a disappointed look on her face.
Dashi, Tweak and Kwazii had bought some stuff from the stores they visited, in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier. Dashi got new clothes, Tweak had three new pairs of Levi's jeans... and Kwazii had apparently bought some Frozen merchandise - including the soundtrack to the movie.
"Really, Kwaz?" I rhetorically asked.
"Well, sometimes a pirate can't help but relish himself in brand new treasures once in a while, right?" he responded.
"...What do you mean by that?"
"He's just obsessing over that stupid girl's movie, Shel," Tweak interjected.
"It's NOT a stupid girl's movie!" Kwazii countered. "It's got a great, moving storyline, great characters, and a great lifelong lesson to learn from! Which is why I think it's one of the greatest movies of all time. Right, Shellington?"
"...You're drunk."
"I swear to God, I'm not drunk."
"Now what does that remind me of?" Dashi asked herself. She then focused her lips on our Frozen-obsessed ex-pirate cat. "Oh yeah, I remember a while back that you were obsessed with The Little Mermaid. What did it have that made it so good for ya?"
"Great storyline, great characters, and a great lesson to learn in life," answered Kwazii.
"So you're comparing Frozen to The Little Mermaid?"
"No! Can you let me prove my-"
"Kwazii, I think it's best if you hush right now," Twilight told him, trying to play peacemaker, I think.
"Can you just let me-"
"Just. Hush. Like, right now. I mean, it's nice that you like this movie, but your obsession's getting a bit annoying. To be honest."
"Can you-"
Kwazii growled. Silence fell amongst the group.
I spoke up. "Well... I think we need to find a hotel to spend the night in."
"There's a DoubleTree Suites near Broadway," Twilight suggested. "We can stay there for the next couple of days and maybe document what's going on around this world."
"How much does it cost?"
"Around $500."
"That's too much."
"What about the Garden Inn?" Dashi asked. "It's only around $150."
I thought about it for a moment. "Alright. Let's go check in."

We drove to the Garden Inn and, as I said, we checked in. Our total cost for our stay was a little over the price Dashi said, but I took it. We split ourselves up into three rooms - one for Dashi, Tunip and I, another for Tweak and Kwazii, and the third one for just Twilight.
As we all settled into our respective rooms, I got out my laptop and set myself up on a computer table next to our window. I wanted to know who Starlight Glimmer is and what she had done prior to this... mess that the south part of the east coast was in.
"You gonna get in bed, hon?" Dashi asked.
"Soon," I told her. "Just gonna do a little research here."
"Okay. If you need me, I'll be checking up on Twilight."
She left me to do my own business for the next few minutes.
Tunip walked over to my computer desk and asked me (in Vegimalese) who I was looking up.
"That's Starlight Glimmer," I replied. "The one who's trying to take over this world as I speak."
Tunip gasped. "We'll figure something out to stop her from doing so... eventually. I hope."
He then reiterated what I said in a motivational tone, adding that I would be fine. "Yeah," I said. "We'll see. We'll see..."

Note: Twilight Sparkle here. Shellington asked me to write down what occurred that led up to this world's deprecated state. As I said before, it started back in Equestria - my universe. The rest of this chapter, from my perspective, goes as follows.

It all started after my friends and I had dealt with an enemy that had attempted to convert us into... equalists. She had tried to take our cutie marks away and convert us into this philosophy - that a true friendship means having the same qualities: no more, no less, no uniqueness among each pony, because, according to her, it would lead to disharmony and chaos.
Her name was Starlight Glimmer, and she was the leader of a strange village that carried out its ideology and planned to spread it across Equestria. And we were her targets.
At first, she appeared to be warm, cordial and inviting, a unicorn with a light, slightly desaturated pink coat and a hairstyle reminiscent of the 1960s. She had a purple mane with strokes of a lighter shade of said color and light turquoise. But after my friends and I found out how strange the village's inhabitants acted, and not to mention her real cutie mark being revealed, her true colors showed, and they weren't good ones at all.
We thought she would change her mind after our new friends helped us out and also showed off their real talents.
She didn't.
Instead, Glimmer came back - and with a vengeance.
None of us knew what was coming when we first heard of such news that Glimmer had built together a regime - one that was bent on socially enforced equality - and was planning to declare war on Equestria and its royal rulers - Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and myself.
We didn't expect it. Nopony did.
But when Celestia had sent me a letter regarding those events, I knew something was wrong. I wondered what we did wrong - what I did wrong. We let her go. I didn't know she would go back to the drawing board and go to greater heights to take over the world.
I had brought news of it to my five friends (and my assistant, Spike the Dragon), who were sitting on their respective thrones in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle.
I remember running to the throne room to tell them about it, barging through the doors and almost out of breath. "GUYS!" I yelled.
"What is it, Twilight?" Applejack asked. She was a farm pony with a blonde mane, orange coat, and a knack for country-isms and bucking apples. She also had a Southern accent - something I was reminded of when I first met Tweak after Dashi had brought me back to life.
"Starlight Glimmer's back, and she's planning on declaring war against Equestria!" I wasn't just telling AJ the news, but my other friends as well - Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy.
Everypony gasped, and some distressing chattering filled the room after breaking the news.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa," retorted Rainbow Dash. "How in the world did she do THAT?!"
Rainbow Dash considers herself as the best flyer in all of Equestria. And she's not kidding. That rainbow-maned pegasus had broken speed records, won flying competitions - you'd had NO CHANCE beating her at her own game. At all.
She was surprised when she heard about Glimmer. "Remember when Glimmer escaped after we confronted her?" I asked. "Well, she put herself in isolation, and after a while, put together her own political regime to enforce her equalist ideologies across all of Equestria."
"Twilight, what are we going to do about this?" questioned Rarity. Rarity was the "drama queen" of our group, but also the generous one, too. Her purple mane was curly, but not puffy like Pinkie Pie's. She was a fashion designer and a seamstress for her own shop, the Carousel Boutique, and had a sister named Sweetie Belle - a Cutie Mark Crusader.
"I don't know, girls," I worried. "But we'll think of something. Eventually."
Just a couple seconds later, a tall, skinny-legged stallion - the mail pony - walked in. "Telegram for Princess Twilight Sparkle," he announced. As soon as he said that, I took the piece of paper away and first read it to myself. I felt shocked. The telegram read:



I could only state at it in disbelief. "But... but... How?!" I fretted. It was then I knew that we were going to have to face her ourselves. I sighed, and put on a mask of determination over my face. "Come on, girls," I told them. "Let's go. You too, Spike."
We ran out of the castle and headed towards Canterlot, believing that Glimmer had arrived there first.

Take one last look at what you're leaving behind, 'cause there's no coming back once we go...
We are the children of an innocent crime, and it's time to take down the throne...
Although their heads may shake, we'll set the city ablaze for their treachery;
We'll spill their blood and set our fathers free...

We had made our way to the city of Canterlot. By the time we got there, disarray had already spread across the area; ponies had abandoned their residences and fled for their lives. I think one or two of them had bumped into us as we tried to locate Glimmer.
Once I put my assistant, Spike, on my back, I motioned the rest of my girls to follow me, and we coursed through the town square, making our way to the royal castle.

We arrived at the halls there only to see the 3 other princesses tied up, next to their thrones. Starlight Glimmer stood in front of them.
"Well, well, well," she said sinisterly. "If it isn't Twilight Sparkle!"
"Glimmer," I huffed. "You are not. Getting. Away. From this."
"I already have."
And with those words, we engaged in magic-to-magic combat.

Oh, two hundred years of war;
Fight till we are no more;
A curse on the streets of gold, oh...
Just know that mine is a hand to hold;
Take back what the kingdom stole;
A curse on the streets of gold...

The first couple of moments, we seemed to cancel each other out. But when it carried over to Celestia's room, one of us had to be tuckered out after a couple of spells and some physical fighting. Unfortunately, I was the one who seemed overcome by Glimmer's tactics.
In the Princess of the Sun's room, there was a mirror. Not just an ordinary mirror, but a magical one, just like the one in my castle. That one, if you were a pony, teleported you to the human world, and transformed you into a human in the process. This one, however, teleported you to the real world - the one myself and my new friends are standing on right now as I'm writing this story down.
So when Glimmer and I had been wrestling for a couple of minutes (our magic was almost depleted at that time), we had stumbled into that mirror - and we fell into it.
Both of us - the hero and the villain - knew we were not in Equestria anymore.

Glimmer and I soon found ourselves falling out of a sky. I remember being on the receiving end of her punches and other moves, taking the brunt of her strikes and too weak to counterattack. One of her punches sent me plummeting hard into the ground, and for a second or two I was unconscious.
Then my eyesight cleared up and I noticed I was standing on an asphalt road, surrounded by buildings and people... humans, but not the kind in the other world - not Equestria, but its parallel human universe. I wasn't surrounded by a plethora of people that were literally of various colors, but rather their skin color ranged from tan to brown.
I saw what Glimmer was doing to the people in this new world. Without a care, she was terrorizing them, destroying parts of some of the surrounding buildings and areas. Before I could see, up close, the damage she was doing, I fell out of consciousness. I never saw this world or myself for quite sometime - before Shellington and his friends woke me up and brought me back to my hooves...

"And, well..." Twilight began, "that's how this happened. At least from what I can recall."
Shellington back again. After Twilight concluded her backstory, I wasn't sure what to say about it. Twily having to take the brunt of Starlight Glimmer's attacks, knowing she was rendered very weak to strike back... SHE'S THE PRINCESS FOR GOODNESS SAKE! She's the good gal, and she was overtaken by a unicorn who had magic abilities similar to her's, and had some beliefs that she might've borrowed from George Orwell's 1984...
What do I say?
"So Glimmer - as you keep referring to her as - had a different set of beliefs, and that set off the chain of events that put you into this... uh, position?" I tried to ask Twilight.
"Yeah," she answered. "Celestia knows where she is right now. Could be anywhere, if you ask me."
"Goodness..." Dashi reacted. "You don't know where she is, Twilight?"
The alicorn shook her head. Dashi turned to me. "So how do we find Glimmer?" she asked.
"Don't know," I responded. "Might as well explore this world while we're at it, I guess."
"Maybe," Twilight murmured. "May-be..."
After hopping on a few more highways, the crew and I arrived at Orlando - Downtown Orlando, to be more specific. We passed along a couple places, including a theme park and resort, and the Millenia area, as well as an indoor arena. I sensed we were getting closer to the supposed creature that would tell us what has happened to this world.
The rest of the way, I relayed directions to Dashi as to where the living thing was located - along with an app on my phone that acted as a GPS and helped us locate the unspecified being. We would find the creature along West Church Street.
Dashi parked the car on the right side of the road and turned off its engine. Then we all got out and began looking for the creature.
"Should be there somewhere around here," I whispered to myself.
We all split up, each of us looking for the creature in different areas around the street. Dashi and I searched around Church Street Station, while Kwazii, Tweak and Tunip tried to find it outside an apartment building, the Mad Cow Theater, and a brewery/nightclub named Big Belly Brewery.
It was nowhere to be found, however.
I called Kwazii through my smartphone. "You found anything yet, Kwaz?"
"I'm afraid not, matey," our Cockney cat thing replied. "Neither have Tweak or Tunip. Uh... I think it's on the next block, though, uh... West Pine Street."
"Alright." I disappointingly sighed. "Dear God..."
"They haven't found it yet?" Dashi asked.
"Nope. Kwazii told me it could be on West Pine Street, though."
A brief silence filled the street, wind blowing and all. Then Dashi said, "Let's go, Shelly," and both of us got in the Cooper and drove a block to the adjacent street next to it.

We would be able find the creature at that same road. But it was lying there lifelessly, its spirit trying to hold on for dear life. Upon closer examination, the creature turned out to be a pony. Not a horse (of its stature like American Pharoah), but a pony. A pony with a lavender coat and a Japanese-like navy blue mane-cut (and a long, curved tail) with violet and magenta streaks. Its muzzle appeared to be rounded, which meant that this pony was female. She also has a magical horn protruding from its head and majestic wings on either side.
But... but that's not scientifically possible! Unicorns don't exist in the real world. (Or at least in our world.) Neither do pegasi (singular form: pegasus). Or this kind of pony - known according to mythological sources as an alicorn (a.k.a. a pegacorn).
Nonetheless, I felt bad for her. She had some bruises on her legs and other parts of her body. "Oh me, oh my" was the quiet reaction I uttered out. ("Took the words right out of my mouth," Tweak said after that.)
Dashi stared at the alicorn for a few moments. "If this is the creature that knows what's going on here..." she started. She left that sentence hanging, deciding to take out Peso's medical bag and a scanner, wanting to do a closer examination of the creature and attempt to revive it. (I didn't know Dashi had been taking lessons from Peso. Huh.)
The x-ray scanner she brought with her, however, detected some metal parts in the pony's body, specifically in the circulatory system. Dashi chose to do CPR on the lifeless creature, hoping she would breathe again by the time the chest compressions she was giving the lifeless being kicked in. She then tried some rescue breathing and did more compressions. After a minute or so, the pony's eyes slowly opened; by that time, Dashi knew that the alicorn was revived. No jolt of revival or anything. She just woke up. The dachshund stopped her procedure and took a few steps back to give the pony some space.
Silence filled the street. And then the alicorn spoke. "Is anyone there?" she faintly asked.
"Yes," I answered. "It's me. Shellington."
"Oh... hi!"
Rosy synths filled the atmosphere. The clouds began to clear from the sky. And the drums came in after a couple bars. Not the same military-like drums as before, but rather a soft kick drum and a clap that substituted a snare.
The alicorn then asked us:

Who survived? Somebody new?
Anyone else but you?
On a lonely night was a blinding light;
A hundred leaders would be borne of you...

I thought to myself that my friends and I just got here, wanting to know what happened to this world and why. I responded:

And though I know, since you've awakened her again,
She depends on you, she depends on you...
She'll go alone, and never speak of this again;
We depend on you, we depend on you...

The alicorn had begun singing with me in a duet. Then at the end of the chorus, she told us all, "I depend on you..." By that time, the lights and glimmers of hope gave way to a fully clear sky, and the sun was able to shine down on the apocalyptic landscape for the first time since we got here.
The blush instrumental continued during and after the sky cleared itself up. The break then stopped, which gave the pony a chance to tell us this:

I don't know much about your life beyond these walls,
The fleeting sense of love within these God-forsaken halls...
And I can hear it in his voice, in every call,
"This girl who's slept a hundred years has something after all..."

She was... asleep for a hundred years? Huh. I wonder what happened to this place ever since Dashi and I heard about it...
The lyrics repeated once more, and so did the alicorn and I. The final flourish came, and the song closed out with an electronic harp carrying out its outro, leaving us with a desolated landscape being shone down by the sun.

The pony was now standing modestly on its four legs. The rest of us wanted to know who she is.
"Who are you?" I asked the alicorn.
"My name," she began, "is Twilight Sparkle. Princess of Friendship."
"Where are you from?"
"Equestria," Twilight answered.
I took out my smartphone and opened up one of my apps to look up the he map. "But... it's not on my map," I said in disbelief.
"It's not on your map," she continued, "because I'm from another world. Another universe, perhaps, would be the better term. Would you like to introduce yourself and your friends?"
"Absolutely, Twi- er, Your Highness."
"You can call me Twilight."
"What about Twi?"
"That's fine."
"It's okay! Just call me Twilight."
"Heh. Okay... Uh... My name is Shellington. Shellington Sea Otter. I'm a marine biologist and scientist for this group called the Octonauts, and we explore the ocean and protect it and its creatures."
"Nice to meet you, Shellington."
I continued introducing the others that tagged along with me for the mission. "This is Dashi Dog. She's the team's photographer, and takes photos of the creatures we've discovered or rescued."
"Hello, Dashi," Twilight greeted her. She shook hands with Dashi as I continued on.
"Tweak Bunny is our engineer, and she builds our vehicles and invents other devices for our missions, and fixes them up, too."
"Faster than you can say, 'buncha munchy crunchy carrots'!" Tweak added.
"Kwazii Cat is the lieutenant of our team, and as you can see, he was a pirate back in his early days, so he tells us stories from time to time."
"Ahoy, matey!" Kwazii welcomed.
"A pirate, huh?" Twilight surmised. "I've never seen one in person before."
"You're looking at one right now," he boasted.
"Okay... Glad to meet you, Kwazii."
"And this little buddy of mine is Tunip," I still continued. "Half-turnip, half-tuna. He's a Vegimal - half-animal, half-vegetable. He helps us out on the ship and he cooks for us, as well."
"Hi, Tunip!" Twilight said.
"He speaks Vegimalese, though," I added, "so you might not understand him. Luckily, I know their language, so I act as their translator."
Tunip greeted Twilight in Vegimalese. I translated for her. "Tunip says, 'it's nice to meet you,' Twilight."
"Thanks, Tunip."
Now that we were all content with Twilight getting to know each of us, I wanted to know why this world looked dilapidated. "Since you're the person who might know about this place..." I began.
"Yes, Shellington?"
"Do you know what happened to it?"
"You mean this world everyone has spoken of?"
Brief silence. Then Twilight agreed. "Okay. If you insist..."
She took a deep breath and began her story. "This world was so beautiful, so civil... There were people trying to get to their workplaces or view the tourist attractions it had to offer. It was peaceful back then. But not before another person - a pony like me, except without the wings and added height - disrupted everything. Even our daily lives."
She briefly paused. "Go on," I told her.
"It all began, however, back in Equestria..."
A World of My Own - III. Sad Machine
While the Octonauts take a vacation from protecting the ocean, photographer Dashi Dog and scientist Shellington Sea Otter go on an excursion - and to a new world - they won't forget. Inspired by EDM producer Porter Robinson's debut album, Worlds.

(Chapter 3.)

If you saw an MLP-related song I wrote WAY back in the day and it's in Octonauts-Fanclub, sorry about that. I did NOT intend to send it there - Chapter 2 of #AWorldOfMyOwn was supposed to go there. Sorry again!


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