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Sachanauts-ID by AdrianImpalaMata Sachanauts-ID :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 2 1 The Sachanauts, All Sketched Out by AdrianImpalaMata The Sachanauts, All Sketched Out :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 3 0 The Sachanauts by AdrianImpalaMata The Sachanauts :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 5 0 For Laura by AdrianImpalaMata For Laura :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 2 6
When Kubo Met Sach: Chapter 7
Written by: Adrian Mata and Emma Lupin
"And that was the least of it," Kubo told the rest of the Octonauts inside the cave at Mortal's Point, sitting in a circle around the firewood as he finished up his story for the second time this week and his grandfather - the Moon King - watched on. "Or so I thought it was."
"What happened?" Captain Barnacles asked.
"I had a vision the other day where I saw one of the Sisters trying to take my other eye. Turns out it was true when I saw her again while Sach and I were trying to run away from her. I... I thought I defeated her."
"Why would she want to take away your right eye?"
"Because that's my last link to... this world. My grandfather, before he reformed, wanted me to live with him in the heavens where he thought I would belong. My aunts were sent to blind me from humanity - seeing it with the only eye I have left."
Dashi was the next person to ask Kubo. "You like it here, don't you?" she told him.
"I do," the young boy answered.
:iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 1 0
St. Sachairi by AdrianImpalaMata St. Sachairi :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 9 3
226 (#KudosToKubo)
As midday loomed by, he had finished up his lunch—a homemade BLT sandwich with a drink of lemonade—and was now sketching out his next subject. The laid-back sea otter already knew who he was drawing next, and it was his hero, and his best friend, too, since he was the one who rescued him and the one whom he eventually rescued later on.
Sachairi was only a couple strokes into his new drawing when he heard three knocks at the door. He knew it was the young boy he's always gotten along with ever since the first time they had met, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. But overtime, the two had grown into the most unique, platonic relationship the world had ever seen. Neither of them didn't mind, and neither did their friends. Maybe it had to do with the friendly chemistry they later brewed up as they got to know each other better. Maybe it had to do with the kinds of magic they brought to each other's tables. But whatever it was, Sach was always glad to see him. And he always
:iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 5 0
Sachairi and Sachora by AdrianImpalaMata Sachairi and Sachora :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 5 1 Something Just Like This by AdrianImpalaMata Something Just Like This :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 17 3 Invisible by AdrianImpalaMata Invisible :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 33 5 Tweak by AdrianImpalaMata Tweak :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 6 1 Otter-ly Awesome Valentine by AdrianImpalaMata Otter-ly Awesome Valentine :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 4 0 Pretty Seashell by AdrianImpalaMata Pretty Seashell :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 1 1 Sach and the Two Strings by AdrianImpalaMata Sach and the Two Strings :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 5 3 Music from the Edge of the Otterside by AdrianImpalaMata Music from the Edge of the Otterside :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 3 0 'Hmm... where to next?' by AdrianImpalaMata 'Hmm... where to next?' :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 12 4


HEX:  Parallel realities by Harpiya HEX: Parallel realities :iconharpiya:Harpiya 166 5 The Doctor meets Captain Barnacles by NeversideFaerie The Doctor meets Captain Barnacles :iconneversidefaerie:NeversideFaerie 3 0 Peso meets Martha Jones by NeversideFaerie Peso meets Martha Jones :iconneversidefaerie:NeversideFaerie 2 0 Tweak gets a look at the Tardis' mechanism by NeversideFaerie Tweak gets a look at the Tardis' mechanism :iconneversidefaerie:NeversideFaerie 3 0 Dashi looking at the Tardis' console by NeversideFaerie Dashi looking at the Tardis' console :iconneversidefaerie:NeversideFaerie 2 3 The Doctor, Kwazii and the monsters by NeversideFaerie The Doctor, Kwazii and the monsters :iconneversidefaerie:NeversideFaerie 2 2 Tweak Rabbit - Shading Test 3 (Last one) by FuzzyTears Tweak Rabbit - Shading Test 3 (Last one) :iconfuzzytears:FuzzyTears 2 1 Captain Barnacles - Shading Test 2 by FuzzyTears Captain Barnacles - Shading Test 2 :iconfuzzytears:FuzzyTears 4 0 Shellington Sea Otter - Shading Test 1 by FuzzyTears Shellington Sea Otter - Shading Test 1 :iconfuzzytears:FuzzyTears 3 6 while my guitar gently weeps by purikins while my guitar gently weeps :iconpurikins:purikins 49 8 Kubo [Speed Paint] by ThePlatypusNimrod Kubo [Speed Paint] :icontheplatypusnimrod:ThePlatypusNimrod 12 0 We are the substance of eternity by Galapagos-Girl We are the substance of eternity :icongalapagos-girl:Galapagos-Girl 31 8 Draw This Again Meme (1 of ?) by KwaziiCat Draw This Again Meme (1 of ?) :iconkwaziicat:KwaziiCat 6 10 An Electrifying Vacation by KwaziiCat An Electrifying Vacation :iconkwaziicat:KwaziiCat 12 38 Kubo by DoodleToo Kubo :icondoodletoo:DoodleToo 17 1 Family by IllegalKoopas Family :iconillegalkoopas:IllegalKoopas 12 22


Adrian Mata
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Sly kid, dumb otter. Sachairi's (actual) father and a protector of Kubo.

Twitter: AdrianImpMata



"We're the valiant heroes, and you're the MEEEAN monkey..."

Filename by AdrianImpalaMata
Featured on WKMG "News 6" during the 5:30 news today. My school held a "College Signing Day" pep assembly for those (including myself) who've already filled out their college applications and been accepted! Look for me in the red shirt. ; ) (No, it doesn't have the Beetle Clan symbol on it, and NO, it doesn't have Kubo in it, too. :\)…
As I already have made my last pony wallpaper a month ago, I am OFFICIALLY out of the MLP fandom. So I won't be there, tuning in to Discovery Family, and watching the start of season 7 with the rest of the fans out there. But they are the reason why this show is STILL on the air, so that is something that I can appreciate as long as it inspires children to take whatever friendship lessons that appear on the show and apply it to their real-world lives (which sounds a bit redundant anyway).

I joined the show back when it was halfway through season 2, so the quality of the episodes was still relatively good. I witnessed Twilight become an alicorn (and a princess), Equestria Girls, and everything else in between. I even saw a few trickles of Spike-centered episodes, too. But when y'all have to complain about ALL of the CHANGES going on, it pretty much diminishes the message of the show for not only the rest of the bronies, but also to the outside world, too. That's kind of why I wanted to leave the fandom, because all of that made the show meaningless to me. Plus, not to mention, all the crud that happened in the fandom while I was there full-time and after I had left it on a regular basis.

As some of you may have noticed, I have shelved almost the bulk of my pony content into storage a few months back. I'm planning on shelving the rest of the content (minus my recent pony wallpapers) following graduation this year. YES, I'm still getting favorites on some of the pony content I've done in the past. YES, I've still gotten a few hate comments on some of those, too. But I've planned on this since I began purging them from my account. I understand if you're ticked off about it, but I'm already moving on, writing new stories (ESPECIALLY with Kubo and Sach) and making up new drawings as well - and as I mentioned before, graduating from high school this year (and attending college in a few months after that).

So if you ONLY came for the pony, please unfollow now. You won't be getting it from this sea otter anytime soon. BUT, if you're interested in some of the upcoming content I have in store, DO CONTINUE FOLLOWING THIS ACCOUNT. I promise, it'll be much better than some of the stuff I've done in the past.

Until then, see you on the otterside ;)

- Adrian

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