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Shellington back once again. Going through hard times with my relationship and growing pains with my father was tough. Fighting the changelings was a bit tougher. But this one might be the toughest I might ever go through. In fact, pretty much the toughest thing my crew-mates and I would face: saving or losing Twilight.
Dashi was trying her hardest, trying to grab everything she learned from Peso to save our friend. I was assisting her, attempting to bring our friend back into consciousness and give her some treatment. So was everyone else - either by helping out or giving moral support. (Actually, we did a mixture between both of those.)
Nothing worked, however. Dashi was trying to find something to revive Twilight, but it wasn't in the medical bag. "Where's Peso when you need him?" I heard her ask herself.
"What are you trying to find?" I asked.
"Something called a defibrillator. It's not in the bag, unfortunately."
"Is there any other way you could-"
"Nothing. There's no other way!" Dashi was breathing very desperately now.
I looked over at Twilight's body. "Oh no... No, no, no, no..."
"What's wrong?" Kwazii asked us.
"There's nothing else we can do, " I replied in disappointment. "Dashi was trying to find a defibrillator in the bag, but it's not there. It's not there..."
Kwazii was subtly shocked.
"Wait... wait," Tweak said. "Doesn't Twilight have an artificial organ or two? Because when we found her back in Orlando, Dashi detected some metal parts in her system."
The dog had a dumbfounded look, but also held a face of regret, too, feeling unable to save Twilight's life. "You're right," Dashi conceded to Tweak. "I forgot."
All of us had stopped what we were doing up to this point. I was about to cry. And then I allowed myself to do so... I hugged Twilight's body, knowing that this might be the last time I would see her...
What was I going to do? What were we going to do?
A melancholic melody played in the background while I was weeping. It began building itself up as it went, adding an arpeggiated synth and ethereal pads into its instrumental, then an angelic voice and accompanying choir sang, tying the knot together.
Before long, Twilight had begun opening her eyes. I heard Dashi calling my name, believing that some kind of magical force would take her away to a better place.
With the music now reduced to an electronic piano, our friend began singing:

Thank you, I'll say goodbye soon;
Though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself, no...
And if it's true, I will surround you and give life to a world
that's our own...

Thank you, I'll say goodbye now;
Though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself...
And if it's true, I will surround you and give life to a world
that's our own...

The music now switched to electro synths playing another melody, a string instrument accompanying it, then minimizing the sound and adding soft drums to the composition.
Twilight repeated the first two identical verses to us again, her voice now sounding more faint as the song went on. Then she gave out what was going to be the last remaining magic she had in herself to show us the memories we made with her, showing through a magical screen some flashbacks to what she felt were her favorite moments of our adventure up to this point.
While all of this was going on, the instrumental went from soft to explosive, the synths going on and off in sync with the kick drum, playing the same melody as before. After what I think was 32 bars of that "drop", the music then dimmed itself down to a soft kick drum, another arpeggiated melody, and a bass line.
Once more, Twilight told us that this wasn't the end of this world and that she would "give life to a world that's our own." By the 64th bar away from the drop, the drum and synths were discarded for a minimal keyboard and a pad. By the 96th bar (I think) it was all a capella from there. But Twilight's voice had gotten to the point where it was fading away... and so did our friend.

Thank you, I'll say goodbye soon
Though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself, no...
And if it's true, I will surround...

Dashi and I were holding her hoof throughout the song. When Twilight closed her eyes for the very last time... we knew - all of us knew... she passed away.
It was the worst feeling I had ever gotten from this adventure. Seeing a friend of yours - even for a brief time - die out... I couldn't hold myself together at that point. But at the same time... it felt inevitable once Glimmer had knocked her out earlier. She's not there anymore, either, and for a reason.
I remember seeing Kwazii take off his sailor's hat and putting to his chest as a sign of remembrance. So did Dashi and I. Tweak made a cross sign across her chest and head. And then I sobbed once more, hugging Dashi, wanting her to comfort me in the wake of Twilight's death...
Sometimes, life doesn't have happy endings. This is one of them.
I just... Why? Why?
I couldn't even think right now. I felt horrible. But Dashi's there, right? What if... What if she died, too? Who would I turn to? I'm just a hopeless wanderer right now thinking about it...
She and I let go of our embrace to leave me alone and let me recollect myself from the emotional wreck I made for... well, myself.
Now the sound of silence took over. We were still standing, viewing and surrounding the body of our beloved Princess Twilight Sparkle... the Princess of Friendship.
I can't even say "jumping jellyfish" right now. This was way... way too tough to handle. Even for Kwazii.
I can't even be a man right now and move on.
I can't even be a scientist and marine biologist making new discoveries in the ocean right now.
I can't even be a friend to anybody right now.
I can't even be Dashi's loving and caring boyfriend right now.
Most of all... I can't even be me right now. I... I can't even be Shellington right now.
It's hard to be me right now.
It's hard to be a sea otter right now.
It's hard to be Shellington right now.
Maybe I've had that feeling before, after my grandma and grandpa passed away... Yeah. I guess this is the same feeling I'm dealing with right now.
May the angels take Twily to a better place.

We went back to our temporary headquarters to silently pack up and return home to the Octopod. We were thinking about Twilight at that time. Especially me, after I talked to her earlier this morning about my strained relationship with Dad. And then when I told everybody about my troubled past in middle school that led to that.
She was like my mum to me. In fact, she does remind me of my mum. How she helped me talk through my problems, how she tried to comfort me...
I forgot to tell her about that.
As I packed my stuff up, I decided to take the sonic screwdriver Tweak made for me and got some plastic containers to put our leftover food in, labeling and corresponding them with a marker to each person on my crew. I also heard Kwazii ask Tweak if he could keep his gadget. She told him yes, but reminded him to use it wisely.
We continued for a couple of minutes, making sure we had everything we brought from the Octopod for the trip so that we could go home.
Our mission was complete. As Captain Barnacles would say, "Octonauts, at ease, until the next adventure!" I already had mine set - but I'm waiting to travel back to tell Dashi about it.
When we were done packing up, I allowed Tweak to disassemble our temporary base and put everything back where she found it. And of course, we decided to help her out in converting it back into an old, abandoned auto shop, which took us 2 hours or so to get done. It was the best thing we could do right now to get ourselves through this difficult loss.
We then hopped in our Odyssey and drove back to the hotel's parking garage to get our Cooper back - which, apparently, wasn't affected by the damage that was inflicted on the Times Square area. As usual, Kwazii and Tweak got in the Cooper, and Dashi, Tunip and I stayed in the Odyssey. We traveled the same route we went through to get to New York, with some stops at gas stations along the way to get back to Orlando. There, we returned the Odyssey to where we found it, and all five of us hopped in the Cooper, Tunip sitting on Tweak's lap, Dashi driving and all, and made our way back to Cape Canaveral. Every one of us remained silent while we rode to the port. No conversation, no sounds - nothing. Nothing but peace and quiet.
When we got to the port, we got everything from the back of the vehicle and returned our Cooper to its parking spot. Then we walked towards to where the Gup-A was located and hopped in.
Dashi closed the windshield. "You wanna drive this time, Shelly?" she offered me.
"I'll pass," I told her.
"Alright... You okay, bud?"
I shook my head.
"I know it's tough on all of us, but we're gonna have to move on. We have no choice. Alright?"
I nodded.
We then drove miles back to the Octopod, saying goodbye to the world we were leaving behind... and Twilight. We were still in silence during this final leg of our trip back home. Kwazii, uncharacteristically, stayed quiet; no sign of any restlessness from him.
Tunip broke the silence and asked me in Vegimalese about Twilight. I only told him that she was a good friend of ours, taken away too soon... and that she had inspired me to become a better person. It didn't take away from the fact that this mission ended on a somber note - and while Dashi, myself and the rest of my friends would recall our findings about this new world, the outcome of our adventure would be something I'd rather not talk about for the next few days. When they've passed, I'll be me again - I'll be Shellington again. Just not the same Shellington that tries to help you, cheer you up or offer some advice for a little while.
But I'll be okay. Because I'm taking everything I've learned on this trip and be that better person I want to be for my friends and family. And that's a promise I'll be sure to keep no matter what.

Author's note: Adrian here! This story's not quite over yet - we've got one final chapter in this story, and then we'll see where it goes. Stay tuned.

Dashi here. Shellington didn't want to go into detail on what you're about to read next, so this is my point of view on what transpired between him and Glimmer. I'll explain why later on.

Holy cow.
All of us laid witness to the fall of Twilight Sparkle. She had tried to single-handedly - or single-hoofedly - defeat Glimmer. But Twilight was caught on the wrong side of her attack, and in an instant, was knocked out, Glimmer's magical force sending her off the ground for a few feet.
I had seen Shellington grab a hammer from Tweak's belt and the Staff of Harmony. I called out his name, but he didn't seem to listen. He didn't seem to care at all. The last thing he wanted to do was to avenge Glimmer's near-fatal attack on Twilight... on her.
I knew he had a really personal connection with Twily. What he did next, though, shocked me.
Shellington walked furiously towards Glimmer, hammer on his right hand, staff on left. That time, the background music was pretty much a full-on orchestral composition - until he attacked.
"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE WENT THROUGH!" he screamed at Glimmer. At that point, with his hammer, Shelly hit Glimmer's horn so hard, it broke off, cutting off her magic source and unable to do any magic of any kind - even the most harmful ones.
He rendered her useless. Starlight reacted in pain. The playing field was now leveled.
The rest of us tried to move closer so we could see what Shellington was doing to her. Now it looked like a grudge match between the two.
"Look, I don't know where the heck you came from, I don't know why you're here, but you've gone TOO FAR!" Shelly shouted at her.
"How far?" Glimmer asked in a dark tone, still in pain.
"So far, even Tartarus is calling your name."
"But I was trying to-"
"Make a friend? NO! YOU JUST KILLED ONE!"
"But I wasn't-"
"I DON'T CARE," he interrupted her in an angst tone, teeth clenched together and all.
Glimmer was shaken by what he told her and how he said it. He still didn't care - Starlight knocked Twilight out, and Shellington's avenge on Glimmer had just started.
He started kicking her in the stomach with his right knee, then his right foot, then switched to his other side, and then Glimmer tried to defend herself with her own bare hooves and attempted to attack him. Shellington blocked every move she made at him, until he caught her, stopping her from fighting any further by holding her right hoof very tightly to cause pain. At that point, he gave her one final word: "Goodbye."
Then he started a chain of punches and kicks to her body, starting with her face, and moving on to her other parts, breaking bones either with his hands or the weapons he took.
Now, the music went from orchestral to a surging, dramatic dance composition, but I was too focused on my boyfriend's every move he made at her, to the point where she was completely useless, and couldn't even move her legs to get herself up.
Glimmer was now lying on the ground, in pain and in dire need. But that wasn't given to her at all. Shellington walked closer to her, held her head, his eyes focused on Glimmer's, a stern look on his face...
And then he snapped her neck.
Starlight Glimmer was now... dead.
Oh my God.
I was left senseless... and disturbed.
Shellington... What did you do? What did you do...?
He then dropped both weapons, the music ended, and he just stood there. He just stood there... defiantly.
I wanted to call out his name. I was just too shocked to even do it at the moment.
My mind was trying to take in what just happened. Glimmer knocked Twilight out, Shellington took a hammer and a staff, beat Glimmer up, then snapped her neck to death...
This isn't the Shellington I know. This is the Shellington I didn't want to see... Or maybe... maybe he was the Shellington I knew of, but something took over him like some kind of a metaphorical tidal wave.
I later figured it was that personal connection he had with Twilight. They helped each other. Shellington and the rest of us helped her get back on her feet when we were in Orlando, and Twilight helped him get through his problems.
The things you do for a friend in need... This was the perfect example for that.
"Shelly!" I called him.
Shellington turned around, saw me, and walked back to our side. When he got there, I asked him in a faint voice, "What did you do?"
He only put his right hand in front of my mouth. "Don't even talk about it," he told me.
I was left standing there, looking into the body of Glimmer. Then I realized that Twilight was in deep trouble, so I ran back to the van to grab my backpack and take out Peso's medical bag and the x-ray scanner.
I activated the scanner, just to find out that Twilight was ailing right now, looking at her vitals... "No, no, no, no, NO! Don't lose out on me, Twilight. Don't lose out on me," I begged her. "Shelly!"
"What, Dashi?" he responded.
"Twilight's in big trouble. I gotta bring her back. I gotta bring her back NOW!"
"Can I... can I help?"
"After all you went through, even... even that?"
"I did it out of love. I did it for you, for her... No matter what, I was going to protect you and everyone else. That's the only thing that mattered to me, Dashi, and even if I got killed, I'd still be doing it for you. I care, I care, I care a lot about you... I know you didn't want to see it... But I had to do whatever I had to do. Right or wrong."
We stayed in silence for a couple of seconds, as I tried to process what Shellington told me. Then I understood his actions. Even if it disturbed me or anybody else, I understood he was trying to defend me, defend Twilight, our friends...
Without going to extremes, protecting who you love seems like a sea otter thing Shellington would do. And that's because he went through everything in his life so far... and I helped him get through even further than he probably would without me or his friends and crew-mates.
So we hugged each other. It seemed very un-sea otter-like - or un-Shellington-like, for that matter - that he would do something extreme like what transpired; but as long as he did it for me, for Tweak, for Kwazii, for Captain Barnacles, for the Octonauts, for everybody... it was alright with me.
I just never really believed that it would happen at first. And I've yet to get a full grasp on it to this day. I still had a mixed reaction back then. I still have that same mixed reaction right now. But I did understand that it was out of love, because he cared about every single person he met and made a friend with. He always wanted to help us out, and he also wanted to make us feel better by talking to us, and with his sense of humor and experience he gained throughout his life, brought our spirits up. Even if he annoyed Kwazii (or was bothered by him) one or two times, he still cared about him as much as the rest of us. Because he couldn't imagine a world where the Kwaz or anybody else wasn't there at all. It would've been boring as heck.
I had to continue saving our friend, though. I was losing time. I was losing patience. I was even losing myself. But I'm not gonna lose Twilight until there's nothing else left to do.

Even though he told me what was behind his motives, Shelly still refuses to talk about what happened on that day. Like me, he felt disturbed by his own actions - and he still can't believe he even did it.
For a sea otter like him to go through hell like that - he shouldn't have. But given every obstacle he faced, he had to find a way to get by it. This one, however, was the hardest he had to go through.
He never really talked about it with me. He could reference what happened, just not explicitly because it would get him very emotional. So I never really mentioned it that much to anybody since the adventure, either.
I hope he tries to let it go and set it free someday. Shellington and I know that we can't really keep it between ourselves forever, and the only way we felt would make himself feel a little bit better was to talk about it.
But for now... it was too early. Even at this point in the trip right now, I'm still trying to revive Twilight. It just... it doesn't seem really good right now...
Just keep trying, Dashi, I kept telling myself. Just keep trying...

It's 6:00am. We got back to our temporary HQ by midnight. We slept at around 1:00am. Now Tommy Boy's screaming to everybody to leave him alone so that he could get some sleep.
Not today, Thomas. Not today, unfortunately.
When we woke up, I decided to go outside and take a look at the surrounding area. I wasn't surprised as I walked further down the street - collateral damage sustained to the Times Square area. All fit for the fight of the century... and it's not Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. (It was a boring fight, by the way.)
I returned back to home base and took my breakfast from the kitchen, which was much more subdued: cereal with milk, apple slices, and animal crackers. Tunip was tired out from last night, so Dashi and I decided to give him the day off from cooking.
As it was yesterday morning, the TV was turned on to channel 4. We were watching the local newscast report on the damage at Times Square as we ate our food, but I couldn't help but notice that Twilight had a very solemn look on her face. I had a special, personal connection with her, so I couldn't help but feel bad for her. But at the same time, this fight she was gonna have to put up with Starlight was something she had to do without our assistance.
I felt helpless.
"Twilight?" I called.
"Yes, Shellington?" she replied.
"Can we talk? Like, outside?"

Both of us walked out of the shop and sat down on the sidewalk, a few feet away from the entrance.
Twily started the conversation and asked me, "What's up?"
"I... I don't know," I hesitantly replied. "This was supposed to be some kind of a working vacation. Now it's more of a mission where we have to bring Glimmer to justice."
"I know, Shel. I knew you didn't want to go through... whatever this whole thing is about her. But you and your friends - you decided to tag along anyway."
"We wanted to help-"
"And I thank you for that. But this is something-"
"That you have to tackle on your own. I understand what you have to do today. There's something else in my mind, however."
"What is it?"
I paused for a moment. "I, um... I've been learning a lot from this trip. Not only from that, but from you, my friends - even myself, really. I just wish... I just wish I learned about it sooner."
"Why's that?"
"Remember when I told you about my relationship with my dad?"
"The more I'm learning some lessons from this adventure, the more I wish I should've made the right... choices, I guess."
"Look. I know how hard those mistakes you made had impacted you and your dad, but that's the past. I'm pretty sure your relationship with him has gotten better from that."
"Barely. We didn't interact as much as he wanted to since then."
"I know."
"I'm sorry."
"But since when I first told you about it, I was thinking about how I could rekindle my relationship with him, make things right, make it better between him and I and the rest of the family."
"So that's why it's been bothering you..."
"What's on your mind?"
"...I have been thinking about coming back home. I mean, the Octopod has been my home ever since I joined the Octonauts, but... There's another home I came from.
"I was born in Scotland, but my family and I moved to England when I was still a little toddler. About 8 months old, I think. We moved to an apartment in the city, and that's where I spent most of my childhood.
"My dad was the best dad I've ever had. He worked as a scientist, just like me. So sometimes, after school, he would take me to the laboratory he worked for, and he showed me some of the scientific experiments he and his colleagues were working on. That led me to study science as a whole, and then later on, marine biology, because I cared about what was going on in the ocean and wanted to learn about the creatures living within it.
"Our father-son relationship was budding until... you know what happened. The suspensions. My parents and I got over it, but my dad didn't quite understand why I made those mistakes. Sure, we had long talks and lectures about my behavior, but other than that, we kind of got over it. But it wasn't the same after that... and to this day, I still regret what I did. If I had known about this - what I'm going through right now - sooner, then maybe this wouldn't have happened. But like you said, that's just the past and I have to move on from it."
"That's right, Shel. So you want to go back to England to visit your father and rekindle your relationship with him?"
"That's what I want to do, Twilight. He influenced me to pursue science, and then I threw him under the bus like that... I want to apologize to him for what happened - and then maybe learn some lessons from him to go along with what I've learned from this trip so far and make up for it."
"Well... There's something I want to tell you."
"I had a similar situation with my friends. Just like you, I neglected them, especially this pony named Moon Dancer. She invited me to a party and my friends asked if I could go, but I was too busy with my studies. Years later, now the Princess of Friendship, I regretted being a bad friend to her - particularly because she was introverted, kinda like me before I moved to Ponyville - so I wanted to make it up to her by throwing her a party, with some assistance from Pinkie Pie and Minuette. And, well... it worked! Even though it didn't quite repair the damage I had done to her, we made up and amended my past mistakes.
"What I took out of it was you can try to repair the damage, but it's still gonna be there; you're still gonna feel it. So try working around it. Try to do something to make your father feel better about you and make new memories out of it - and you'll be fine. Amending fences, you know?"
"Indeed. If you do come back home - remember that. Work around the damage you caused and you'll feel better about it, okay?"
"Alright. Thanks, Twi."
"No problem."
We hugged it out, sea otter to alicorn, alicorn to sea otter. I thanked her for making me feel a little better about my personal situation, and for being such a good friend I could look to. She is one great princess, I tell you - knowing her own mistakes and teaching me how to handle them - she's a nice role model. Now, she has a fight to handle - and God knows how that's going to go down.

All of us arrived at a desolated Times Square at around 11:55am. We heard a melancholy violin play its somber melody, the piano accompanying it with its chords, and then a string section came in to create a full, rich sound.
"Good luck," I told Twilight.
"Thanks," she replied.
The crew and I kept our distance from Twi so that she would fight Glimmer on her own. Glimmer soon appeared, facing against Twilight from a long distance down the street.
Around that time, a four-floor beat once again appeared, fading in, and a voice from somewhere said:

I cried, for I didn't think it could be true,
that you and I might have always known one another;
and that we could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own;
and everywhere that has ever existed,
is all on the surface of our dream...

"Twilight Sparkle," Glimmer called. "Are you ready to be put out of your own misery?"
"Not if I'm willing to live," Twilight responded with conviction.

Now please... Hear what I hear.

Glimmer stroked first, sending a blast of lethal magic towards Twilight. The alicorn promptly defended herself with a shield, until it was her turn to attack.
No luck. Glimmer shielded herself, too.
All of this accompanied by dark, gritty sounds and the same dance beat, briefly buffering until it continued on. Another melody appeared, with short, punctuated notes, which gave way to even more dark percussion and other bits of sound here and there.
By that time, Twilight and Starlight fired simultaneously, until...
She gave out. The force threw her off her hooves and she suffered a hard landing, knocking her unconscious.
"NO!" I yelled out.
"Twilight!" Dashi called in distress.

Let me explain
this ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness;
it will all die out,
and now, I cry for all that is beautiful...

Now she was in the same position we found her back in Orlando, but this time, it wasn't a dream. It was real. The same spirit tried to hold on and let its body right itself.
But by that time, I had taken this into my own two hands. No more waiting. I couldn't let this happen...
I took one of Tweak's hammers out of her belt and the Staff of Harmony, which Twilight used in the previous battle.
You mess with Twilight, you mess with me.
"Shellington, what are you doing?" Tweak asked in frustration.
"Shelly!" Dashi called.
I love you, Dashi... but it's too late now.
There was only one thing in my mind right now... and that was to EXTERMINATE.

The night was in a state of stillness, the bridge full of dismembered changelings, and the moon in full form. My heart was full of adrenaline, pumping really fast as the atmosphere calmed down. I hadn't felt it since the last adventure I went on with Captain Barnacles and the crew. But this feeling wasn't good or bad; it was... I don't know. I don't know how to describe it, but I knew it wasn't any of those two feelings at all. Whatever it was... I knew that it was just the beginning... and the end. How I knew? This world was falling to its knees. And maybe... maybe we're the only ones to save it.
"Shellington?" Twilight asked.
"Yeah, Twi?" I responded.
"This river we're standing over and above right now - this isn't just the Hudson River. This is the home of the Sea of Voices."
"What's the Sea of Voices?"
Twilight paused and then explained: "That's the body of water we're standing above right now. Some kind of magical force... makes it come alive, and helps those who are fighting for the good of all causes. Perhaps... to save the world."
My voice quivered a bit when she said that. "Jumping jellyfish..."
"It's crazy, isn't it?"
"Yeah... But I've never been in this kind of position before. Dashi, Kwazii, the rest of the Octonauts and I - we're just trying to protect the ocean. But this... My gosh..."
"You know, I've been there before. Quite a lot, actually. My friends and I defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis - well, maybe, not really, I don't know - King Sombra - that was all Spike right there - and Lord Tirek. Celestia knows what's coming next for us. We just don't know it yet."
Our eyes were focused on each other for a couple of seconds, then gazed out into the night sky. Wind chimes were blowing in the air, but we could only hear them.
"You hear that?" Twily asked me.
"I do," I told her.
"That's the Sea of Voices taking shape. The waves are beginning to form, the water starts rising up a few feet from normal, and the sky begins to light up very slowly."
And indeed it was - all of us, not just me, heard ambient sounds and arpeggios, overtaking the chimes that were still blowing along in the wind. We then heard the voices of a choir harmonizing with the chord progression, while hearing the words, "In a perfect world..."
By that time, fountains began forming around the bridge, and the lights in the night sky - which are usually referred to as northern lights or aurora borealis - were brightening up. Then the buildup dissolved, and the voice of what I thought was a little girl sang:

We'll see creation come undone...

Suddenly, it bursted into a soundscape of electronic, ambient sounds and synths, while an arena rock halftime beat played in the background. The words "In a perfect world" continued singing, the choir continuing to harmonize...
While that was happening, big blue waves were rising and towering above us, crashing down on the bridge and getting all of us wet in the process. The northern lights were dancing around in the sky as well, changing colors as the sounds moved along and making curved lines that penetrated the clouds that were hovering thousands of feet above the ground. Watery mist soon took over our sight lines for a bit, clearing up intermittently a few times.
Then the water finally settled down, back to its normal level, the music discarding the arena-sized sounds that dominated much of the song. We then heard this:

We'll see creation come undone;
These bones that bound us will be gone...
We'll stir our spirits 'till we're one,
Then soft as shadows we'll become...

Cryptic, I thought to myself. While I tried to figure out its meaning, the water and mist from the Sea of Voices revealed, on the asphalt road, something that I remembered first seeing in my Algebra 1 class in middle school:

y = x²

"You guys!" I yelled. "There's something on the road I need to show you."
"What is it, Shelly?" Dashi asked. Everyone ran over to where I was standing, where this equation was printed.
Twilight looked a bit closely. "Hey... I remember seeing this at school years back," she told me.
"It must be the quadratic formula," I surmised. "Must be some kind of clue the Sea gave us."
"Could be," she vaguely agreed.
Kwazii walked over and looked at it, seemingly dumbfounded by what he saw. "Well, how in the Seven Seas is this going to help us with our mission?" he asked incredulously.
"There's more than meets the eye, Kwazii," I reminded him. Dashi, Twilight, myself and the rest of the gang began thinking about the equation itself and what the letters and symbols meant - forget the fact that it's a quadratic equation meant to help you graph a parabola.
"The letters y and x appear to be variables," I explained. "From what I can remember, y is usually the answer to the equation, or the number you need to have when you have solved it. So y represents the answer - but what about x squared?"
"Hmm... x is a variable as well," Dashi continued, "but it could also be the symbol for multiplying two or more numbers. For example, you could say 8 multiplied by 4 is 32, or you could also say 9 times 9 is 81."
"And that little number next to x," Twilight began concluding, "you usually say it as, 'to the power of' whatever number you want it to be. Because this one is to the power of 2, you could also say it's squared."
"So the variable y could mean that it's the answer you get as a result of the equation," I summarized, "the x variable could also be the multiplication symbol and you could say, 'multiplied by' or 'times', and the integer, which is 2, could mean its squared..."
Our thought processes continued until Twilight finally figured out what the clue meant. (Or was it a riddle?) "The answer lies within Times Square," she told us. "The answer lies within... Times Square."
"Wait, didn't we get there a couple days back?" Tweak questioned.
"Yes, but-"
We were interrupted by Starlight Glimmer's evil laughter. "So you survived?" she asked us omnisciently. "That's wonderful."
We couldn't see her at all. We could only hear her voice.
"Where are you, Glimmer?!" Twilight demanded.
"Oh, you know - somewhere between the lines of invisibility and discordant pleasures."
"I can't see you."
Twily was frustrated by Glimmer's logic, to the point where she growled a little. "Easy, Twi," Tweak told her.
"I hope those changelings provided some trouble for you and your friends, Twilight Sparkle."
"No," I responded sternly. "No, they did not."
"Aw... Shellington. Dr. Shellington Sea Otter... I know all about you and your past," she replied.
"How did you know...?" I hesitantly asked her.
"I have access to the multiverse, so I could go anywhere at my pleasure. Let's see... You harassed a girl, you punched somebody in the shoulder..."
"Shut up, Glimmer!" Dashi interrupted her in an angry tone.
"Dashi... You're getting a little feisty now, aren't you?"
"Well, I happen to have the right to be hellish whenever you're doing something I don't like! You don't even know the other half of my boyfriend has, and it's much better than your oppressive ways of creating friendship and harmony between your citizens!"
"Oh, but it is much better, isn't it? Right before Fluttershy ruined the whole village!"
"Who's Fluttershy?" Dashi asked me.
"Whatever you were doing to your village wasn't the purest way to make friends and build harmony amongst one another," Twilight claimed against Glimmer.
"But I created-"
"NO. No, you didn't." Twilight was huffing and puffing a little heavily at this point.
"Go away, Glimmer," Dashi demanded.
"Oh, I'll go away," Glimmer said. "But not before Twilight has to defeat me at the heart of Times Square tomorrow. And she cannot have the help of her so-called friends."
"Oh me, oh my," Tweak reacted. Tunip gasped and Kwazii's jaw dropped slightly.
"High noon, Twilight," Glimmer declared. "High noon."
We didn't hear from Glimmer after she spoke those words. Silence filled the atmosphere once again, Twilight still feeling angst after that exchange.
"Twilight?" I asked her.
"I have to do this on my own," she told us.
"We can still come, right, matey?" Kwazii asked.
"You can come, but you can't help," Twilight replied solemnly and quietly.
I let out a gasp after she said it. "But-"
"I'll be fine. But I won't promise I'll win this fight."
"Twilight..." Dashi called in disbelief.
"If she tells me that I have to fight her myself, then I'll do it. But just know I love you guys. Even if we have a couple dysfunctions here and there, I've come to know each of you as friends. So I'm doing this - I'm doing this for you guys."
"Do it for the Octonauts," I requested her.
"I'll do it for the entire team." She then motioned us to come over and give her a hug - a good luck charm, perhaps. I was the last one still hugging Twilight; there was something about her that made me feel for her the most in this mission. Her time, I knew, was limited, and she decided to spend it with us the best way she could. She also gave me some inspiration that I could use to face my demons and other personal obstacles that were standing in my way...
If only I knew about it sooner so I could've maintained a good relationship with Dad...
I was sobbing, still hugging her, trying to hold on to her before we could let her loose tomorrow at noon.
"You okay, Shelly?" Twilight asked me.
I couldn't even respond in the mood I was in.
"Come on, come on," she instructed me. "Stop crying. Stop crying. I'll be fine."
"You will?" I asked, my voice shaking.
"Hopefully," she told me.
I pulled back, knowing I couldn't stay with her forever, and rubbed my eyes so I could stop myself from crying. Dashi cuddled me so I could get some comfort.
"We'll be okay..." she told me... "We'll be okay, Shelly. I promise."
"Hopefully," I replied. "Hopefully..."


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Political correctness.

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Guess my age right now.

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Can't tell ya. Best to leave that up to you.

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Orange chicken (does that count?)

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Never thought that Santa was fake.

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