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Adrian Mata
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United States
Sea otter. Octonaut. NASCAR and Orlando City SC fan. Whovian.

Twitter: AdrianImpMata



Anybody having issues with uploading right now? Trying to upload a wallpaper and I end up with an "unknown error".

UPDATE: JPG file of said wallpaper went through but not the PNG file... Hmm.
Done faster than you can say, "buncha munchy crunchy carrots!" Tweak is one of the Octonauts I haven't drawn in a while, so this colored-up sketch will make up for it. :D

Materials: 2H and 2B pencils, Crayola fine-line adult coloring markers and Lyra colored pencils on sketchbook paper.
The Octonauts (c) Brown Bag Films / Silver Gate Media / Meomi / BBC.
Pretty Seashell
Dachshunds are particularly known for their photography skills. Whenever they spot anything that looks intriguing, they use their specially-designed cameras and find good angles to take their photos from.


The Octonauts (c) Brown Bag Films / Silver Gate Media / Meomi / BBC.
KwaziiCat tagged me in this game a few weeks ago and I just got around to finishing it. She wanted me to get Sachairi an interview, so here goes nothing! :)

Rules: Choose an OC. They must not lie! Title of journal is OC interview. Tag people at end. Have fun. 

Selected character they chose: Sachairi Sea Otter

(Gotta Have) Faith by AdrianImpalaMata

1) What is your real name, what does it mean and what is your nickname?
"It's Sachairi, hello? [Laughs] My mum told me she and my dad named me after one of the prophets in the Old Testament - they just wanted to spell it differently, that's all. Sometimes they call me Sach, too, and it's what most of my friends call me by as well."

2) How old are you?
"Well into my late 20s or so, with Pearl and Shellington. We were born as triplets so we're at the same age."

3) What's your favorite food?
"You know I can't resist some corned beef and rice, right? Mum cooks it with gusto. I love it!"

4) How about your favorite drink?
"I've grown to take a liking to lemonade lately. I love how sweet it tastes - especially the all-natural ones!"

5) Who's your lover?
"I wish I could say Rachel Riley. But sadly, I haven't found my, um... lover yet."

6) Have you kissed anyone?
"Not really. There was this one time, though, but that was in the moment... I don't remember how that came down."

7) Who was your childhood sweetheart?
"I don't know, I've never really had one... Well, there was this nice girl who loved to draw that I often saw everyday during school, so there's that, but we haven't really talked since."

8) Who's your favorite author?
"Well, I don't really have a favorite author, but I did read 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift the other day. I don't think he's related to Taylor Swift at all."

9) What's your biggest fear?
"I guess it has to be when I let my emotions get the best of me and I end up hurting myself and the people I love seeing everyday. I had a lot of trouble with it in high school, just worrying about how I was conducting myself around others, and having been raised a little differently or so, so maybe that's why. Probably got yelled at sometimes by my dad, too."

10) Do you have any siblings?
"Pearl and Shellington, my sister and my brother. I love them as much as they love me."

11) Who's your hero?
"In my eyes, it has to be Kubo. He's not only a talented shamisen player, but also an excellent storyteller - even if his stories are a little over-the-top - and a braver boy than I am. And he's WAY younger than me! But that doesn't matter. As long as he's inspired me to take on life's quests, whatever that may be, that's perfect enough for me."

12) And your worst enemy?
"One word: Trump. Nothing else. Period."

13) What about your best friend?
"I actually have two - Kubo, as I mentioned before, and Daemyn, my friend growing up from high school. We still hang out from time to time, whenever we can, even going to Alton Towers or the other theme parks around the UK whenever it was possible. He's just a great guy to be with."

14) What would you do if you met your creator?
"I'd have a Luke Skywalker moment if I met him! Wait... by 'creator', do you mean God or some other figure I am not aware about? If that one's the case, then who is it?"

15)  What do you want to be when you grow up?
"I'm already grown-up, for Pete's sake! But I've always wanted to be a musician - and I'm already am, just not really well-known yet. I've also wanted to get into a career in art as well, not just in graphic design, but in a variety of other mediums I can express myself in. Maybe someday I'll get to work on a stop-motion film for this company called Laika overseas - I'd love to take on the challenge of animating certain sequences one frame at a time, and that takes a lot of patience! Or, at least maybe at a local animation studio - maybe with the possibility of getting involved with a new show that might air here, where I live, or even beyond that!"

16) What's your worst nightmare?
"Not remembering what you dreamt up last night. Seriously, most of the time, my dreams are so weird they're forgettable by the time I make breakfast in the morning. On the bright side, you probably wouldn't have to explain happened while you slept to your mum or your best friend, so at least you've gotten over it."

17) What's your lifelong dream?
"I think I've already said it earlier, but it's to become a well-known musician and working on a stop-motion film for Laika. Music - I've always known so well that I want to make a living out of, but working for Laika - it'd be exciting to do and be part of the current generation of stop-motion films. Plus, if they win an Oscar while I'm there, I'd have one more thing to brag about to Shelly..."

18) And what would you do if it came true?
"I'd step back and admire about how far I've come up to this point, but other than that, I'd keep on grinding. Once you've reached success, you've got to keep going. Do what you do best or branch off and try something new - you might never know how good you'll be at it!"

19) Where do you like to relax?
"I know it's not technically 'relaxing', but going out to the mall or a theme park is very relaxing for me. It helps to take my mind off some stuff for a while or even a day - especially when I'm looking for some places to visit or going over to the same one a couple of times each year."

20) What do you do most of the time?
"Just making music and sketches, that's all. Sometimes I veer off of that for a bit if there's something I REALLY need to do, sometimes I'm out for the day with friends and family. Anything goes."

Anstonrocks - Carly

(More sketches and stories coming your way soon. - Adrian)
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